Five Tips to Give You A Competitive Edge When Applying For A Job Position

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fresh college graduate or an experienced employee, looking for the perfect job can be quite stressful. I’ve had friends who had high-and-mighty degrees from the world’s top universities but didn’t have any credentials that proved that they had other interests as well. On the other hand, there are people that I know who didn’t have the best marks in college, but participated in a number of workshop and internship programmes, held part-time jobs in their respective fields of interest and had a variety of hobbies and engagements. Needless to say, an organisation looks for the wholesome development of a candidate, not just their marksheets.

That being said, you’re about to graduate from college in a year or so. You’re thinking about applying for your dream job, but how do you compete among the thousands applying for the same job position? Here’s what you should before graduating to win yourself a well-paid and fulfilling job –

What are your skill sets?

Many people look for jobs with titles that somehow match with their career goals. Though it could be successful for some people, experts suggest that you should take a look at the skills that are required for your preferred job position. Thus, you can easily identify the skill sets that you have and look for a job that matches the same.

Customise your resumé

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept doesn’t work when you’re applying for a job position. You need to customise your resumé for each position you apply to, depending on the skills and experience. By doing this, you give an edge over other applicants who end up using the same resumé for each and every job position out there.

What are the best options at hand?

Instead of applying for each and every open position you see out there, apply for a role that specifically matches your qualifications and interests. You want a job that’s well-paid, but which is emotionally stimulating and satisfying as well. Take a look at the company reviews and talk to employees who are working or have worked there in the past. Moreover, companies give extra preference to candidates on employee referrals – if nothing else, participate in their local events to get know a few people.

Engage in a number of internships and workshops

As I’ve mentioned, participation can be a good way to highlight your own potential compared to your competitors out there. Start by joining workshops and other professional societies in college, and actively participate in them. Keep volunteering for assignments and see if you can put your skill sets to use. Socialise with people by finding yourself a group of like-minded people and see what the others are up to advance their career. Maintain contact with the distinguished people that you meet at these events by sending them a follow-up email to start a conversation. Learn a new language apart from English and your native language – it can really boost your career.

Hone your soft skills

No matter how many degrees or certificates, it can go down the drain if you’re not prepared with soft skills. You hiring manager will check your leadership, teamwork, problem-solving ability and social skills. They want to see whether you can lead a whole team, or can work with your colleagues on a project as well. You should be able to work in a new place, keep yourself with the current events and have an idea about a person’s psychology. Also, when you’re asked seemingly ‘tricky’ questions, keep calm, use your knowledge about the job and some common sense.

With these simple tips in mind, you will have a competitive edge over your rivals and be the best candidate for a job position. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and going!

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